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Turning Angel- A Natchez treasure

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This  Painting Sold the Day it was painted.  It was featured in the award winning, "Mississippi Magazine" in 2020 when the Historic Natchez City Cemetery Turning Angel was toppled after being errected 150 years prior, sustaining significate damage.  The community was shocked when this occurred.  The artist painted this painting in order to help raise money for her repair.  The story ends well, as she is back up - overlooking the graves of 4 children who had been killed in a drugstore explosion in the 1900's.  The famous Natchez author, Gregg Isles, published a bestselling book, "Turning Angel ", which made Turning Angel world renowned.. Signed and numbered prints are available in a 16 X 20.  Please contact artist for info on a 5 X7 Print.  Print comes with the details of her story.